Bursaries South Africa

Bursaries South Africa

Bursaries Closing in November 2017

South Africa Universities and Colleges Bursaries 2018

Education is a very important part of our lives. In today’s world, one definitely needs a certain  level of education be it formal or informal. Unfortunately, education costs a lot of money especially in South Africa. How do you pursue your dreams when you are broke? Should you give up your dreams because you can’t finance it personally or with your family’s financial support? That would be painful. What if you could get financial support for free or in the form of a loan?

Ever head of bursaries or educational loans for South African students who require financial support?

Bursaries are sponsorship given by companies to qualifying students to study further and achieve a great qualification for better work opportunities and a decent future.


A bursary is basically a study program that is financially aided for by someone else or a company.  This means that funds are made available by a company for a student who wants to study further and who qualifies can do so but moreover need the financial assistance to do this.  The company then pays the fees of such a learner to complete their studies and gain a higher qualification.

Some bursary programs do however require the candidate to ‘work back’ the bursary amount after successful completion of their studies, but not all bursaries have this requirement.  Most undergraduate bursary programs mainly aim to add to a student’s funding but some also supply complete funding’s to deserving candidates.

Bursaries and scholarships are not the same and this should be understood.  A scholarship only covers the study fees and is based solely on merit whereas a bursary mostly include study fees as well as book fees, living allowances, pocket money and in some cases a guarantee of work after successful completion of studies.  Bursaries are also mostly awarded on merit and the need for financial aid thus they are sponsored by companies.