University of Pretoria Achievement awards – new first-year students

By | 4 Nov 2018

University of Pretoria Achievement awards – new first-year students

Amounts indicated in the table below are for .
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Qualifying average percentage Faculty
Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
Faculty of Health
Faculty of Veterinary Science
Other Faculties
75%-79,99% R6 400 X X
80%-84,99% R16 000 R6 000 R16 000
85%-89,99% R25 000 R13 000 R25 000
90%-100% R40 000 R20 000 R40 000

NOTE: The University of Pretoria reserves the right to amend award values without prior notice.

  • Undergraduate achievement awards are based on the average percentage obtained (not on the number of distinctions).
  • Undergraduate achievement awards are made automatically to newly registered undergraduate students who meet the award criteria. Students do not apply for these awards.
  • First-year students who register for studies at UP directly after Grade 12 (final school-year) or who took a gap year(s) after their final school-year, who meet the award criteria, will be considered.
  • Students who have previously registered at a tertiary educational institution prior to registration at UP will not be considered for an achievement award. Students who registered at UP in previous years, are also not considered.
  • Qualifying students must be South African citizens or permanent residents in South Africa, or be citizens of a SADC country.
  • The average percentage for award purposes is the average of the actual percentages obtained for all recognised NSC/IEB/Cambridge subjects taken, in their final school-year end exams, based on the calculations done by the University of Pretoria.
  • The average percentage is not rounded off.


  • Certain subjects are EXCLUDED in the calculation of average percentages:
    • Life Orientation
    • Mathematics Paper 3
    • Additional Mathematics
    • Practical Music Grade 4 and 5 (Note: Practical Music Grades 6, 7 and 8 are considered for inclusion in the calculation of the average percentage – if your music report for this subject is not part of your NSC report, please submit your official music report to your faculty’s student administration offices, before 28 January for consideration.)
  • The awards are finalised on the basis of the final marks that the University receives from the Department of Basic Education for the final school-year. Results obtained for papers that have been re-marked are not taken into account for award purposes.
  • Awards are fully repayable if students discontinue or terminate their studies in the relevant study programme for whatever reason during the year in which the award is made.
  • If students change their study programmes during the year in which the award is made, the award value allocated for the study programme enrolled for initially will remain unchanged. That is to say, the award will not be cancelled or adjusted upward/downward to align it with consecutive study programmes enrolled for.

Other achievement awards

Award Amount
(for )
Who Faculty Application
JuniorTukkie Grade 11 Empowerment Week R15 000 the 15 learners with the best Grade 12 results who attended the JuniorTukkie Grade 11 Empowerment Week • Natural and Agricultural Sciences
• Health Sciences
• Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
• Qualifying students will be notified after registration.
Grade 12 dux scholar*
(*top academic Grade 12 achiever of a specific school – one learner per school)
 R5 000 (to cover registration fee) The final decision regarding the selection of schools for this award rests with UP. any faculty  NONE
• Qualifying students will be notified by letter.

Only students with South African citizenship or permanent residency in South Africa are considered for the above awards.

Funding: Achievement awards – senior undergraduate students


Achievement awards – senior undergraduate students ( ) Application
Qualifying Grade Point Average (GPA) for previous year of study at UP 75–100% NONE
 Award value   R6 500


  • Senior undergraduate achievement awards are automatically awarded to registered senior undergraduate students who qualify for the award. These awards will be made to all qualifying students (South African citizens, permanent residents and non-South African citizens).
  • Undergraduate contact students who were registered for an undergraduate academic programme in the previous year of study at UP will be considered for the award, provided that the following conditions are met:


– The sum of credit values associated with the enrolled modules is greater than or equal to 100.
– The sum of the credit values associated with the modules passed as a percentage of the total credit values as calculated above is at least 80 percent or higher.
– The student was not a final-year student.
  • All modules are weighted according to their credit values.
  • All modules registered for in the previous year are taken into account.
  • Students who achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 75% (figures are not rounded off) in the previous year will qualify for a senior achievement award. Only modules for which a pass percentage can be obtained as prescribed in the year book will be taken into account in calculating the GPA.
  • Students registered during the previous year of study for the following programmes do not qualify for the senior undergraduate achievement award:
– UP academic study programmes presented by external institutions,
– postgraduate academic study programmes,
– special study programmes,
– academic study programmes classified as distance education study programmes, and
– certificates and diplomas.
  • The following students do not qualify for the senior undergraduate achievement award:
– senior undergraduate students who had an academic standing of Dismissed, Suspended or Discontinued, during the previous year of study; and
– senior undergraduate students who migrated to UP from other educational institutions or were not enrolled at UP in the previous year.
  • Summer School and Winter School programmes with module results are included for purposes of achievement awards.
  • Students who completed a first undergraduate academic study programme and return for another undergraduate academic study programme, may be considered again for a senior undergraduate achievement award, provided that the student meets the requirements.
  • Students who are simultaneously registered for two or more undergraduate academic study programmes will only be considered for one achievement award. In this case the academic study programme in which the student achieved the highest marks will be considered.
  • An achievement award for a senior undergraduate student will be awarded for (N-1) times in relation to the period of study for which the student is enrolled. “N” represents the minimum allowable period of study for completion of the academic study programme.
  • An achievement award for a senior undergraduate student can only be awarded automatically for a maximum of five times. Should a student qualify for more than five awards during the period of study, the UP Study Finance division will evaluate each award individually, subject to the availability of funding.
  • Undergraduate students who discontinue their studies for a year or longer, will during the consecutive year in which they return to continue their studies, not automatically qualify for the award. Students may provide a written motivation for consideration of an award, and hand this in at the Client Service Centre.
  • Achievement awards are fully repayable by the student to UP should award holders discontinue or terminate the study programme, for whatever reason, at any stage during the year in which the award was made.
  • Refund of credit balances on the student account resulting from achievement awards, is limited to 50% refund of the credit balance in the 1st semester and the balance in September.