In-Service Training Programme at Nampak

By | 4 Nov 2018

In-Service Training Programme at Nampak

Nampak DivFood operations in Vanderbijlpark and Mobeni seek to acquire and develop BTECH Engineering: Quality Graduates to meet their business requirements through an In-Service Trainee Programme, which focuses on developing graduates to become quality practitioners in the manufacturing industry.
During the 18 months you will be mentored by the company’s senior leaders and decision makers into building business acumen and creating a strategic context for the Quality Management field and developing professional networks.
A division of Nampak, DivFood is the leading manufacturer of plain and decorated food cans and ends, aerosols and metal containers in South Africa.
– BTECH Engineering: Quality Degree with the following or similar subjects:

  • Projects
  • Statistical Quality Techniques
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Continual Quality Improvement
  • Quality Planning and Implementation
  • Quality Techniques
  • Quality Auditing Techniques

How to apply

Application close on 28 February . Click here to apply online