The Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) Project for Matriculants

By | 4 Nov 2018

The Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) Project for Matriculants

Would you like to gain work experience in the public service? Then look no further than the Western Cape Government! Apply for the Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) programme and we can make gaining work experience in the Public Service Better Together.
The PAY project will provide matriculants from the class of with work experience and training in one of the 13 Western Cape Government Departments beginning 1 April until 31 March 2023. During this time you will receive a monthly stipend to cover your expenses.

  • You have written the National Senior Certificate (NSC) in , and only applicants who passed the final examinations will be considered;
  • You are not going to study further in ;
  • You are a South African citizen, residing in the Western Cape Province;
  • You are between the ages of 18 and 24;
  • You are not sure of the next step after school;
  • You have no network or support to help you make career choices;
  • You are financially constrained

On-the-job training will be provided in the following departments:

  • Department of the Premier;
  • Department of Agriculture;
  • Department of Community Safety;
  • Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport;
  • Department of Economic Development and Tourism;
  • Department of Environmental Affairs & Development Planning;
  • Department of Health;
  • Department of Human Settlements;
  • Department of Local Government;
  • Department of Social Development;
  • Department of Transport and Public Works;
  • Provincial Treasury;
  • Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Why should you apply?

  • You will acquire skills and work experience that will make you more marketable to future employers.
  • You get contactable references on your CV.
  • You will have career awareness exposure to assist you to make informed career choices together with a network to support and guide you.

How to apply
Applicants who do not have access to computers are encouraged to make use of the following internet facilities to complete the online application:

  • Your local library;
  • Your local Thusong Service Centre;
  • The Khanya laboratory at your local government/public school;
  • E-Community Forums and e-Centres in rural towns;
  • The Western Cape Government Walk-in Contact Centre;
  • An internet café.

Applications close on Friday, 20 January . Click here to apply online