Nsfas gov za

Nsfas gov za

Nsfas gov za: The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has made applying for financial assistance easier for students.

Nsfas gov za

The NSFAS has started the roll-out of the Student Centred Model by opening online applications.

The applications opened in August and will run until 30 November .

Current matric learners, who will need NSFAS financial assistance at universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in 2019, are encouraged to start applying on the NSFAS website: www.nsfas.org.za(link is external).

The online system or Student Centred Model is meant to open a direct relationship between NSFAS and its students from registration phase to the completion of their studies.

The system will help reduce delays in payment and processing of new applications for funding every year.

How the system works

  • All new applicants (matriculants) must submit their applications directly to NSFAS online (www.nsfas.org.za(link is external)).
  • Students who have never received NSFAS funding must apply online.
  • All students who were previously funded by NSFAS and are not funded in 2016 must apply online.
  • All students who have signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF) or Schedule of Particulars (SOP) for 2016 and are currently receiving NSFAS funding do not have to reapply.
  • Funding will be granted provided the funded student meets the NSFAS academic requirements.

All funded NSFAS students must update their information online. To do so they will need to log onto: www.nsfas.org.za(link is external) and create a MyNSFAS account to verify their details. 

Already submitted NSFAS application form to a university or TVET college?

Matriculants who submitted their NSFAS applications before 1 August  to any university or TVET college must not reapply. The institution will send your application directly to NSFAS Head Office.

All paper application forms can be sent to NSFAS Head Office in Cape Town by email to apply@nsfas.org.za(link sends e-mail) or fax 086 644 2822 or by post to: The 2019 Online Applications, NSFAS Loans & Bursaries Department, Private Bag X4, Plumstead, 7801.

Please note the following opening and closing dates:

Grade 12 and previous matriculants: 01 August – 30 November.

Students who were not funded by NSFAS in 2016:  01 September – 30 November.

For further details, applicants can contact NSFAS Offices on 0860 067 327 or visit: www.nsfas.org.za(link is external)

*Additional information from: www.nsfas.org.za