Nsfas Faq


 Nsfas Faq :  NSFAS hosted a MyNSFAS radio call-in programme. Read the questions and answers from the show, sent to us via social media and whatsApp.
  • When will application results be communicated?

    For applicants who have completed and submitted their application between 1 August and 30 November 2016, NSFAS has started notifying students of their application results and will continue to do so. Make sure that we have your correct cellphone number as results are communicated via SMS.

  • What is the purpose of the funding letter that is sent to funded students

    Your institution may request a letter proving that you are approved for NSFAS funding. This can be provided to you on request from the NSFAS Contact Centre, however NSFAS will communicate application results directly with your institution to ensure that NSFAS approved students are able to register without hassle.

  • Will NSFAS fund me since I matriculated in 2008

    You may apply for NSFAS funding even if you matriculated before 2016. To be funded by NSFAS, you must be approved for academic admission to a public university or TVET College and prove that you or your household is unable to finance your study fees.

  • Should continuing students apply?

    All students who have signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF) for 2016 and are currently receiving NSFAS funding do not have to reapply. Funding will be granted provided you meet the academic requirements to study. However all funded NSFAS students in 2016 are requested to update their information online. Please log onto www.nsfas.org.za and create the MyNSFAS account to verify your details. If you were funded by NSFAS before but not in 2016, you are required to apply for NSFAS funding. Application must be made directly with NSFAS. Read more

  • When will registration for continuing students be paid?

    NSFAS will receive your results from your university or TVET College. After all evaluations are completed we will advise if you were successfully funded or not. Your application results are communicated with you as well as with your institution. This will allow you to register without any hassle. NSFAS will then pay registration directly to the institution.

  • List of minimum of supporting documents

    Our websites provides a checklist of all supporting documents that are required when making an application and includes the following:
    •Certified copy of your I.D and that of each household member including parents and legal guardian
    •Proof of household income, payslip
    •Proof of residence, such as water and electricity account
    •Latest academic transcript or exam results. If you are currently in grade 12 you are excluded from this requirement
    •Doctor’s Certificate (If permanently disabled)

    The full list of supporting documents can be found here

  • Am I required to submit Proof of Residence when I apply for funding?

    No, but you need to provide us with your residential and postal address when completing the application.

  • Do you fund nursing courses at private institutions or hospitals?

    No, NSFAS is only available at public universities and TVET Colleges. You may apply for a qualification in medicine at a public institution and apply for NSFAS funding.

  • I was funded in 2016 while studying at North West University, however, according to my university statement, I still owe the institution for 2016. NSFAS has made payment, but not the full amount.

    Call the NSFAS Contact Centre to find out the value of the payment made to North West University, thereafter contact your financial aid office to find out what the outstanding amount is due to.

  • How do I apply for NSFAS funding?

    You can apply online on our website www.nsfas.org.za. Alternatively you can download our manual form on NSFAS website, complete the NSFAS manual application form and send it via email to apply@nsfas.org.za or via post to Reference:
    Online Application/
    National Student Financial Aid Scheme
    Loans and Bursaries Service Unit
    Private Bag X4
    Cape Town
    OR you can scan and email to: apply@nsfas.org.za or fax to: 086 644 2822

  • I don’t have access to any community radio station may I therefore get recordings of one of your shows I have not been funded for NSFAS before, however I owe the institution R4331.30. If I get NSFAS this semester will it settle this debt for me? Will I also be able to receive the monthly living amount of about (R600) that is being received by students who are using NSFAS?
  • What does waiting awaiting evaluation mean?

    Awaiting evaluation means that NSFAS has received your application and it will be processed shortly. NSFAS will shortly communicate application results via SMS once the application has been evaluated and processed.