How many girls have graduated from Owlag?

By | 3 June 2023
  • 528: number of girls who have graduated from OWLAG.
  • 90%: percentage of students who attend college (graduates have attended top universities including Spelman, Oxford and Stanford medical School). In South Africa, only 20 percent of students attend college.
  • 1%: percentage of students accepted to attend OWLAG. Each year, over 6000 of the smartest and brightest girls across the country apply to the school. The average class is roughly 60 students.

Recent Highlights

The newest graduating class of 66 is called The Undaunted: In December, the class of 2020, despite a worldwide pandemic that disrupted their final year, accepted their diplomas. Because of the unusual school year, students were given the option to return, and nine have chosen to do so.

The OWLAG Alumni Network launched: In 2020, graduates formed the The OWLAG Alumni Network. Created and run by alumni and alumni only, this 300-member group follows the OWLAG guiding principles of leadership and sisterhood. In just their first year, they’ve hosted speaker calls, created a mentoring program, and are working toward a 2021 Alumni reunion. They’ve proven to be a national force in less than a year, working with nine nonprofit organizations that are focused on COVID-19 relief and recovery in South Africa.