FASSET Learnerships

By | 4 Nov 2018

FASSET Learnerships

Workplace Accreditation

Workplace accreditation is a requirement for all employers, regarding of sector, who wishes to register learners on Fasset learnerships. The accreditation aims to verify the ability of the workplace to host a specific learnership. Criteria for accreditation include access to resources related to the learnership, the relevance of the work experience component to the qualification, and the structures in place to ensure successful implementation and completion of the learnership.
For the majority of learnerships, Fasset has agreements with professional bodies and Assessment Quality Partners (AQP’s) which are responsible for the accreditation of workplaces. Please refer to the table in the next section for full details on Fasset learnerships.

Fasset Learnerships

Click on the learnership titles below for information on each learnership

NO Title NQF Level Learnership Code SAQA ID No
Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT(SA)) 011 621 6888 – info@aatsa.org.za
1 Certificate: Local Government Accounting 3 01/Q010026/00/120/3 59751
2 Certificate: Accounting Technician 3 01/Q010036/00/120/3 73710
3 Further Education and Training Certificate: Accounting Technician 4 01/Q010038/00/120/4 77143
4 Advanced Certificate: Local Government Accounting 4 01/Q010037/00/120/4 73712
5 Certificate: Accounting 5 01/Q010039/00/120/5 80189
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) – SA ChapterJaco de Jager – 082 927 2246 – jaco@acfesa.co.za
6 Advanced Certificate: Forensic Practitioner 7 01/Q010035/00/120/6 67269
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Roshana Froon – 011 459 1900 – roshana.froon@accaglobal.co.za
7 Certificate: Certified Accounting Technician 5 01/Q010013/00/390/5 20397
8 Chartered Certified Accountant 8 01/Q010005/00/780/7 63550
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)011 788 8723 – Johannesburg@cimaglobal.com – www.cimaglobal.com
9 National Certificate: Business Accounting 5 01/Q010016/00/120/5 24418
10 National Diploma : Management Accounting 6 01/Q010017/00/240/6 24406
11 Professional Qualification: Chartered Management Accountant 7 01/Q010012/00/930/7 20400
Chartered Secretaries – Southern Africa (CSSA)Jacqui Baumgardt – 031 920 1039 – jacqui@chartsec.co.za
12 CIS Professional Qual. Management and Administration 6 01/Q010032/00/130/5 60653
13 CIS Professional Qual. Governance and Admin 6 01/Q010034/00/120/5 60651
14 CIS Professional Advanced Qualification: Governance and Admin 7 01/Q010033/00/120/6 60655
15 CIS Professional Post – Graduate Qualification: Company Secretarial and Governance Practice 8 01/Q010030/00/120/7 60654
FassetMolly Rabaloi – 011 476 8570 – molly.rabaloi@fasset.org.za
16 Further Education and Training Certificate: Debt Recovery 4 01/Q010024/26/149/4 49021
Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)Barbara Cawcutt – 021 659 1300 – barbarac@icb.org.za
17 National Certificate: Bookkeeping 3 01/Q010027/26/120/3 58375
18 Further Education and Training Certificate: Bookkeeper 4 01/Q010028/28/130/4 58376
19 National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting 4 01/Q010019/00/120/4 20352
20 National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management 4 01/Q010023/24/120/4 48736
21 Certificate: Office Administration 5 01/Q010021/00/120/5 23618
22 Senior Office Administrator 5 01/Q010040/00/240/5 23619
23 National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting 5 01/Q010022/28/251/5 36213
24 Diploma : Public Sector Accounting 5 01/Q010020/00/240/5 20353
Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)Nosheena Monsoor– 011 450 1040 – nosheena@iiasa.org.za
25 Certificate: General Internal Auditing 8 01/Q010025/00/120/7 20359
South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)011 621 6600 – saica@saica.co.za
26 Chartered Accountant: Auditing 7 01/Q010001/00/480/7 48913
South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)Mrs. Haremakale Ramakhetheng – 011 207 7840 – HRamakhetheng@saipa.co.za
27 Post-graduate professional qualification: Professional Accountant in Business 7 01/Q010007/00/480/7 20392
28 Post-graduate Diploma: Professional Accountant in Practice 8 01/Q010008/00/480/7 20391
South African Institute of Stockbrokers (SAIS)Robyn Shapiro – 011 853 8700 – robyns@mighty.co.za
29 Occupational Certificate: Financial Markets Practitioner 7 01/Q010044/00/120/7 93603
South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT)Caretha Laubscher – 086 177 7274 – claubscher@thesait.org.za
30 Occupational Certificate: Tax Professional 8 01/Q010048/00/400/8 93624
31 Occupational Certificate: Tax Technician 6 01/Q010057/99/399/6 94098

Learnership Agreement Registration Procedures

a. Employers Registered with Fasset wishing to implement a Fasset Learnership:

  1. 1. Apply for accreditation as an accredited workplace training provider with the professional body or AQP responsible for the learnership, or with Fasset (as applicable)
  2. 2. Register the learner with the relevant professional body and/or training provider
  3. 3. Sign an employment contract with the learner
  4. 4. Sign a Learnership Agreement with the learner
  5. 5. Submit the Learnership Agreement to Fasset together with the following:
    • Proof of learner registration with the professional body or AQP, if applicable
    • Employer accreditation status with professional body or AQP (copy of letter/certificate), if applicable
    • Copy of the learner’s employment contract
    • Certified copy of the learner’s ID document

The Learnership Agreement and other supplementary documentation can be accessed under the Downloads section of the website.
Please Note:

  1. Learnership regulations require the Seta to decide if it will register the agreement within 7 days of receipt.
  2. Learnership regulations require the SETA to register the learnership agreement within 21 days of that decision.
  3. If the agreement has any outstanding information, the learnership agreement will be returned to the employer, accompanied by a letter indicating reasons for non-registration. The employer may resubmit the learnership agreement, together with all required documentation
  4. If all the required documents are attached, Fasset will issue the employer with a Confirmation letter. The Confirmation letter may be used to claim the SARS income tax deduction.

b.Employers Registered with Fasset wishing to implement a Learnership from another Seta

  1. Contact the SETA to which the learnership belongs to ascertain if the employer fulfils all the requirements to implement the learnership.
  2. Complete the Fasset learnership agreement and submit it to Fasset.
  3. Fasset will register the Learnership Agreement and issue the employer with a confirmation letter.

c. Employers not Registered with Fasset wishing to implement a Fasset Learnership

  1. The employer contacts the relevant professional body / AQP / Fasset to become an accredited workplace provider.
  2. Once accredited, the employer completes their SETA’s learnership agreement.
  3. The employer submits the learnership agreement to their SETA.
  4. The Learnership Agreement will be registered by the other SETA.