Equipment-related Travel and Training Grants Call for Applications

By | 4 Nov 2018

Equipment-related Travel and Training Grants Call for Applications


Opening Date:
Tuesday, 17 January,
Closing Date:
Monday, 27 February,

The rationale for this Funding Instrument is to make funds available to support the broader science community to access state-of-the-art research equipment that is not available at the home research institution, regionally or nationally.
The grants are divided into two categories: Equipment-related Travel Grants and Equipment-related Training Grants.
The Equipment-related Travel Grants are sub-divided into two categories, namely:

  • General Equipment Travel Grants, that makes funds available to researchers requiring access to specialised research equipment that is not available regionally or nationally. The grant will cover national or international travel and subsistence costs as required; and
  • Outbound or inbound travel grants to Access Global Infrastructure (AGI), that makes funds available to researchers requiring access to Outbound Global Infrastructure located outside South Africa such as European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) or Inbound Global Infrastructure located in South Africa such as South African Large Telescope (SALT). The applicant must provide evidence/confirmation of the allocated beam time from the host synchrotron radiation facility.

The Equipment-related Training Grants makes funds available to:
Researchers or institutions to support workshops focused on training technical staff, postgraduate (masters and doctoral) students and other users of specialised or state-of-the-art research equipment that were acquired either through NRF and/or DST grant awards. This intervention may include practical training and short courses on the use of specialised research equipment.
Institutions hosting an expert instrument scientist that is required to stay at a research institution for a minimum period of one months due to his/her scarce skill in the use of a specific instrument that has been acquired;  through NRF and/or DST funds. The institution hosting the visiting instrument scientist, must be committed to a compulsory co-investment with the DST-NRF.
Applications may be submitted by a single researcher on behalf of either himself/herself or two co-applicants travelling to a specific facility. Supervisors must apply on behalf of postgraduate students and post-doctoral fellows.
The Conditions of Grant for all awarded grants should be signed and returned to the NRF within one (1) month of receiving the award letter.
After the conclusion of an  activity for which funding was granted, the NRF requires that the completion report be submitted within one (1) month  after returning from travel or training and the full grant should be claimed.
Application Deadlines:
Refer to the Equipment-related Travel and Training Grants Framework & Funding Guide for eligibility and other criteria.
The Call for applications will be open from Monday, 16 January . The closing date will be on Monday, 27 February .
Applications should be submitted electronically on the NRF Online Submission System at
For more information please view the attached documents or visit the NRF website at
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