Alexander Forbes HR Learnerships

By | 4 Nov 2018

Alexander Forbes HR Learnerships

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be an unemployed South African citizen
  • Have a minimum matric certificate to apply for a Learnership programme
  • Applicants should understand, and aspire to work in the Financial Service Industry, and
  • Be computer literate

Job Specification
The learnership programmes are offered to applicants in line with their study field or future career aspirations.

Learners will attend classes internally towards completing one of the required qualifications and also assume normal duties (hands-on experience) to complement their studies.
The programmes extend over a period of 12 months
CF as part of job

  • Fulfil his/her duties in such a manner that the relevant TCF outcomes are delivered
  • Constructively speaks up about any TCF short-coming in any part of the business
  • Quickly owns up to any mistakes or oversights he/she may be party to that may have negative TCF consequences

Closing Date: 31 January


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